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NP series (discharge application) NP series to discharge design, than common model in a short time more battery power output by 25%, its design life for 5 ~ 7years.
NP series (long life application) electric Mr EFOX-NP series is designed for high and low temperature system design, suitable for outdoor use, can in high and low temperature to keep stable performance.
NP series without free acid, can you play this backwards 90 ° battery safe use of, very low electrolyte than column, the design life for 5 ~ 7 years.
A412 series is the common battery electrolyte fixed in the lead-acid gel equipped with rechargeable battery, colloid technology by the German sunshine company invented and development.
LC series Features: float filling six years to life (25 ℃) / 10 years (20 ℃);
higher than energy;
adopts the high quality flame retardant materials ABS tank shell, accord with UL94V-0 standard.